Thoughts are free. 
Ideas are valuable. 
We protect the difference.

Transform your ideas into intellectual property and set limits to the freedom of imitation.

We will show you how to achieve this with industrial property rights. When acquiring and enforcing the industrial property right that matches your idea, we contribute our engineering expertise and specialist legal knowledge. Our team of patent attorneys, attorneys-at-law, engineers and technical staff take every step towards your patent, trademark or other intellectual property rights with enthusiasm for your idea and with an understanding of your general conditions. We are large enough to handle complex procedures and are clearly structured so that we can be trusted as your personal contact.

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"There is!" So that this statement of the patent office does not burst your plans based on a great idea, we find out for you what already exists before you apply for a property right. To do this, we research in complex databases and evaluate the results.


There are few presents! You have to become active in order to acquire a property right. We advise you on the right application tactics and work with you to create an optimal application. This is the most important step for the later value of your property right, because the content and limits of the maximum achievable scope of protection are determined at the time of application. We are aware of the importance of each component of an industrial property right application and can work out the core of an invention or define the best form of a trademark for you by asking the developers and inventors specifically. In this way, we avoid defects and imperfections in the application which otherwise regularly lead to irreparable disadvantages.


Property rights for real innovations! A particularly valuable patent can arouse desires and tempt the competitor to attack. In such cases, we defend your patent against an opposition or a nullity action so that it remains as unaltered as possible. If, on the other hand, there is a need to get rid of an unjustly granted property right, we will show you the appropriate way and prepare the necessary steps. Even in these constellations, we keep an eye on unconventional solutions (e.g. cross-licensing), if the economic goal of our client can be better achieved with them.


Property rights work! Should a competitor nevertheless fail to observe your property right, we will help you to enforce it. We will draw up notices of industrial property rights, warnings and, if necessary, also the statement of claim, in order to achieve the omission of an infringement of industrial property rights with the help of the courts. In doing so, the economic goal of the client remains in focus. Thus, the granting of a license may be preferable to the laborious process of obtaining a small compensation for damages.

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