Dates + Seminars

Here you will find the current dates on which you can meet us personally. These include lectures, seminars and inventor consultations, which are conducted by the firm's lawyers. We also list events in which we participate.


Protection of development results and business secrets outside of industrial property rights
Half-day seminar

Where industrial property rights do not apply, there may still be protection for development results and trade secrets. Ms. Susann Reinhardt, attorney at law, informs about the possibilities that exist in addition to the classic register rights to protect intellectual achievements against imitation and use by third parties. The seminar is usually held once a year.

The seminar is held at PATON (Landes-Patentzentrum Thüringen an der Technischen Universität Ilmenau), where you can also register.

Can patents be understood? How do you read patents correctly?
Full-day seminar

Patent protection from the perspective of engineers, developers and patent managers. Within the scope of a seminar, patent attorney Christoph K. Engel will inform about the most important aspects of the patent for the users.


  • How can information be determined quickly from patents?
  • What has to be considered as prior art?
  • What do novelty and inventive step mean?
  • What is the scope of protection of patents?
  • How can patents be enforced against infringers?

Due to the great interest in this topic, this lecture has been held once a semester for quite some time.

The seminar is held at PATON (State Patent Centre Thuringia at the Technical University Ilmenau), where you can also register for the seminar.

Patent protection for software and business methods
Half-day seminar

In a special seminar we will inform you about the possibilities of patent protection for software. Typical criteria are presented to distinguish patentable from non-patentable software. Furthermore, business methods are classified into this system. The differences in patentability requirements between European and US patents will be clarified.

The seminar will be held at the PATON (State-Patent Center Thuringia at the Technical University of Ilmenau), where you can also apply for a patent.