The overriding corporate objective of PATENTSCHUTZengel is the balanced safeguarding of the economic basis for the successful development of the people involved, which includes employees and clients on an equal footing. A successful development of people is characterized, among other things, by positive effects on social coexistence.


In the following, we list some of our quality goals that serve the implementation of the corporate objective:

We see the support of our clients in the implementation of innovative, legitimate ideas as a primary quality objective. Therefore, we strive to fulfil the orders and requirements of our clients as accurately as possible and to their utmost satisfaction. The selection of mandates is carried out carefully and according to capacity.


For a positive company development and the associated compliance with the quality objectives, it is essential that the employees can develop professionally and personally and increasingly unfold their abilities. As a quality objective, this employee development is of equal importance to client satisfaction.

Now that we as a law firm have for some time now also set ourselves clear goals in the areas of environmental protection and sustainability, we are all the more pleased to observe the current social developments, which show a broader orientation towards the pressing problems. We want to support this through our actions and continue to act in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving manner within the scope of our possibilities. We are focusing our attention on the following aspects, among others:


  • long-term use of technical equipment;
  • search for possibilities of further utilization of discarded equipment;
  • energy-saving operation of electrical equipment;
  • reduction of fuel consumption (e.g. by working in the home office).